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House of Food



MTV’s “House of Food” is a drama-infused take on food TV where a group of young aspiring chefs with no formal culinary training are put to the ultimate challenge. “House of Food” is a one hour, weekly docu-series that combines the exciting real-life competitive elements of culinary school, with the dramatic setting of a house reality show. The students have been chosen for their passion for cooking and food culture, and their backgrounds are as varied as their personalities. With three of the country’s best chefs as their teachers and the city of Los Angeles as their classroom, this determined group will live and learn together but only one will win an apprenticeship of a lifetime.

"House of Food" is produced by T Group Productions. Executive Producers on the series are Jenny Daly for T Group and Mike Duffy for Ugly Brother Studios. The show runners are Perry Dance and Ted Iredell. Tony DiBari, Elaine Metaxas and Karen Frank are Executive Producers for MTV. Matthew Parillo is the Executive in Charge of Production for MTV.


Casey Lane

Casey Lane is the Executive Chef of The Tasting Kitchen in Venice, CA. A native of El Paso, TX, Lane attended culinary school in Portland, OR at age 18. In 2009, he moved to Los Angeles and opened The Tasting Kitchen, which quickly jumped to the forefront of L.A.’s seasonal farm to table cuisine. GQ Magazine named The Tasting Kitchen one of the “10 Best New Restaurants in America” and Lane has been nominated for a James Beard Award three years in a row.

Brendan Collins

Brendan Collins, Executive Chef and proprietor of Waterloo & City and Larry’s both in Los Angeles, CA was born in Nottingham, England. At the age of 15 he quit school to follow his dream and enrolled in culinary school. Collins worked as a sous chef for legendary chef Marco Pierre White at Quo Vadis where he garnered one Michelin Star and earned a reputation as one of London’s rising culinary talents. Collins moved to Los Angeles in 2002 and has worked as a chef at Melisse Restaurant and was an Executive Chef at The Hall at Palihouse.


Brooke Williamson

Brooke Williamson, is a Chef/Owner along with Chef-husband Nick Roberts of three restaurants in Los Angeles including Hudson House, The Triple and Playa Provisions (opening in early 2014). Williamson began her culinary career at a young age as a teacher’s assistant at the Epicurean Institute of Los Angeles. Following that position, Williamson collected numerous achievements on her resume such as, winning first place in the Quady’s Four Star Pastry Competition and working at celebrated restaurant Daniel in New York. Williamson returned to Los Angeles to continue her culinary career as executive chef of Zax in Brentwood, where she was honored by the Los Angeles Times and Forbes as a culinary mastermind. She then went on to earn the title “Rising Star Chef” by StarChefs. In 2010, Williamson was honored when she became certified by The Court of Master Sommeliers and most recently placed runner-up on Season 10 of Bravo’s Top Chef: Seattle.


Brian Jong-Han Kho, 21

East Lansing, MI

Brian, an overachiever, grew up with very traditional parents who wanted him to become a doctor. His passion from the time he was a young boy was always food, so he took a risk and went against his parents’ wishes to pursue his dream of becoming a chef. His specialty is Asian cuisine and he will stop at nothing to fulfill his dreams.

Amanda Jean, 24

Pittsburg, PA

Amanda is a tattooed fashionista rebel with a passion for cooking. Growing up she was introverted but always felt comfortable doing what she loved, cooking with her family. Now, Amanda is outgoing and loves throwing dinner parties with her friends. She doesn’t care what others think but the drama tends to follow her wherever she goes. One day she would like to open a high-end rock and roll theme restaurant.

Harrison Bader, 22

Suffern, NY 

Harrison's passion for cooking comes from Sunday night dinners at his Italian aunt's house. People tend to judge him based on his looks, but he has the brains and determination to compete with anyone. This guy knows how to charm women with his good looks and cooking skills. Harrison plans to open a restaurant one day and hopefully "House of Food" will make him the ultimate master chef.

Suki Secka, 21

Portland, OR

Suki was born in Gambia, West Africa and at a young age she began learning meals inspired by her culture. At age eight she moved to the States where her mother taught and encouraged her to pursue cooking. Suki is a self-proclaimed diva who aspires to be the best and hottest chef.

Will Andersen, 24

Boston, MA

Will is described as funny and quick-witted, traits he developed when he was younger because he was constantly made fun of for being overweight. Will’s weight was something he struggled with when he was a young kid but as he entered into his junior year of high school he started cooking healthy meals for himself and the weight just fell off. Cooking changed Will’s life and now his dream is to be chef that changes the lives of others. Nothing will get in Will’s way of becoming a chef!  

Jake Weber, 21

Lawrence, KS

Jake is a country boy from Kansas.  A true ladies man, he quickly realized he had to develop a new skill in order to impress women. Growing up, his mom inspired him to cook in the kitchen, and her specialty was Mexican food. He may be from the Midwest but he makes a mean burrito. His dream is to one day open his own restaurant.

Lorena Bolanos, 22

Long Beach, CA

Lorena is known to be outgoing, funny and even though she is often the instigator of drama, she knows how to have a good time! From a young age Lorena was always in the kitchen with her grandmother who taught her how to cook many traditional Mexican dishes. Her dream is to be a personal chef one day.

Gillian Espinosa, 21

Oakley, CA

Gillian, a fun, vivacious girl raised on a farm in Northern California grew up learning how to cook from her grandmother. Her specialty is dessert and she dreams of opening her own bakery on the beach one day. Gillian plans to use this opportunity to honor her grandmother’s name.


Chris Nirschel

Chris Nirschel is the Founder and CEO of Culinary Bad Boy Productions, a New York City based catering company. He began his culinary career at The French Culinary Institute in 2009, where he was classically trained in French and Italian cuisine. He most recently worked as an in-house consultant for New York’s Slide Restaurant and as an Executive Chef at Celsius in Bryant Park. Although Nirschel is classically trained, his eclectic culinary competence stems from his family’s heritage, which ranges from Argentinean, Italian, and French cuisine. His childhood memories of cooking side by side with his uncle in the kitchen gave him the foundation to create his standing relationship with Whole Foods Market in Boston (his hometown) where he teaches children how to cook, and reinforces that healthy food is fun!







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