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Real World: Go Big or Go Home


​“Real World: Go Big or Go Home” to Premiere March 17th at 10 PM ET/PT

This season which premieres on Thursday, March 17th at 10PM ET/PT, seven strangers are brought together in Downtown Las Vegas for a wild, adrenaline-filled season that will confront their hopes, fears, and anxieties.  From the moment they first meet, they are thrown into a series of over the top, daring missions – some for the entire group and some designed specifically for each individual – but always with the caveat that if they can't complete the mission, they are sent home and another roommate will take their spot.

Living in a tricked out suite atop the Gold Spike hotel, the diverse roommates must learn to live together not knowing what the next day or next hour will bring.  From jumping out of a hot air balloon to performing on stage in a strip club, or meeting the birth mom who placed them for adoption, the roommates are forced to face deeply emotional moments from their past while accomplishing dreams they never thought possible.  In typical Vegas style, they always 'go big' – but if they fail, it will be time to go home. 

"Real World: Go Big or Go Home" Cast includes:

DEAN - This charming hunk is going through a divorce and looking to explore his life as a bachelor.  Dean grew up until the age of 5 in Ghana, Africa and then moved to Las Vegas with his father.  He attended the University of Nevada, Reno where he wooed the sorority girls with his humor and pretty boy vibes until meeting the woman he had a nightmare relationship with. Dean is coming into the Real World looking for a fresh start and is ready to cut loose in Las Vegas. 

KAILAH - This stunning flirt credits her Puerto Rican heritage for her notable eyebrows, impressive derriere, and loud unpredictable personality.  Unafraid of the casual hook up, Kailah warns guys not to fall in love with her due to her sexual prowess. A mean girl in high school, Kailah was a cheerleader and was voted "Gossip Queen" by her peers.  Though she was popular growing up, Kailah admits to having very few friends due to her strong personality and to this day has trouble maintaining friendships and roommates.  While living in the Real World house, Kailah hopes to work on her patience and grow past her drama queen phase.

SABRINA - Often viewed as aggressive, this Boston bred beauty is not afraid to speak her mind.  This aspiring singer/song-writer has a fascination with whip cream and an ability to sexualize any situation.  Sabrina was adopted as a baby and her biggest fear is to find and meet her biological mother. She has heard rumors that her mother lives either in Vegas or California but she isn't sure.  Sabrina wants to find and hopefully meet her biological mom but is worried about what she will find out if she goes down that road.

CEEJAI - Growing up in East St., Illinois, Ceejai' was faced with many tough obstacles.  Not only has she lost several friends to gun violence, but it has also directly impacted her family. Turning a tragedy into social action, Ceejai works to bring awareness to her community about gun violence and domestic abuse.  She hopes to eventually pursue a career as an attorney to fight for stronger gun laws and bring promise back to the tough neighborhood in which she was raised. Ceejai', an adrenaline junky and currently single, is hoping that this experience will open up a whole new world for her.

JENNA - Don't let this Southern bombshell's looks fool you, this feisty tomboy knows how to get down and dirty – from shooting guns to bow and arrows in her bikini.  A proud Southerner, Jenna is very vocal about her beliefs and the traditions she was raised with; and is no doubt the only roommate with a pet pig at home. Jenna was raised by her deer-hunting Mormon father, until she moved in with her mother at the age of 15.  Real World will be a chance for Jenna to explore life, culture, and beliefs outside of her country town of Easley, South Carolina. 

CHRIS - Christopher is a Salt Lake City bred Mormon boy turned liberal New York City hipster. His disassociation from the Mormon Church and recent acceptance of his 'pansexuality' have fueled his fight against religious discrimination, made him an advocate for LGBTQ rights, and put him at odds with his conservative family. Chris is on a journey to find his true self and enter a new chapter of life where he refuses to say "no" to anything.  What better place to put that into practice than in the Las Vegas Real World house?

DIONE - Better known as "Jungle Boy", this adrenaline junkie prides himself on living life on the edge without the burden of responsibility.  Having fully embraced the Peter Pan lifestyle of never growing up, his biggest fear is having a 9-5 job, or having to work at all for that matter. Dione would much rather find women that will fall to his charm and boyish personality, rather than get into anything serious. His female roommates are sure to lust over this "Jungle Boy", but only time will tell if his roommates can handle his crazy, over-energized antics.​

"Real World" was created for MTV by Jonathan Murray and Mary-Ellis Bunim of Bunim/Murray Productions.  Jonathan Murray, Gil Goldschein and Jim Johnston serve as Executive Producers of "Real World." ​​


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