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Kingin With Tyga


​Tyga is a rap superstar who knows what it means to be the master of your own destiny and to truly live like a King. He is a self-made millionaire who describes his lifestyle as 'Kingin.' Tyga only knows one way to do things – and that's to take everything to the next level. Season two of "Kingin' with Tyga" follows the hit recording artist as he continues to build his hip-hop empire. Tyga will travel the world, from Los Angeles to Australia to Dubai - recording music, performing live and flexing his spending power in the most lavish ways possible. From buying a mini monster truck course to installing a private fast food restaurant in his LA mansion to buying a guard jaguar for his estate, nothing is outside of Tyga's reach! But none of this would be possible without the support of his "Last Kings" crew. From start to finish, Tyga's entourage shines in their own unique light as they help him build his music and clothing empire, give back to his community, change diapers, and pull off some of the most Kingin' stunts known to man.​