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​"Binge Thinking" is the ultimate bar crawl, game show on TV that will finally discover the truth behind the question: think you're smarter after a few drinks?  Host, Mac Lethal (Youtube star, rapper), along with co-host Amber Diamond ("Nick Cannon Presents: Wild 'N Out"), visit a different city's party spot each week and whip up an impromptu game show with unsuspecting (and sometimes a bit "lubricated") contestants.  The games cover everything in pop culture from trivia, to physical stunts, to prop-based gameplay all aimed at testing the contestants' ability to think while they drink.

About the Hosts of "Binge Thinking"

Mac Lethal, born David McCleary Sheldon, is a rapper and Youtube star representing Kansas City. He released his first album, Men Are from Mars, Porn Stars Are from Earth in 2002, years after having already garnered a reputation on the freestyling/battle-rhyming circuit. His Youtube rap videos have scored millions of views, landing him interviews on and The Washington Post. Lethal is co-founder of Black Clover Records, a Kansas City-based label that has been home to his four-volume set of albums entitled The Love Potion Collection, released between 2003-2007. He's also behind the Tumblr feed turned novel "Texts from Bennett," in which he purports to divulge texts between himself and his cousin Bennett.

Amber Diamond is a comedic actress and host. She's known for her roles in TV series Raising Fame, short film Happy Socks & Snoop Dogg: The Art of Inspiration, and perhaps most notably for starring on MTV2's Wild 'n Out Season 7.






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